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After months of hard work, I have created an open-source Genshin Impact tool called "Genshin Assistant."


Genshin Impact is an open-world adventure game developed and published by miHoYo.

My Experience with Genshin Impact#

I first came across Genshin Impact in early April of this year (2022) when a friend recommended it to me. Prior to that, I had heard of the game, but I didn't think much of it. I thought it was just another game similar to the popular ones on the market, and I didn't find it particularly appealing. However, after playing it for two days, I realized I was completely wrong.

What Makes Genshin Impact Great#

First and foremost, the graphics are stunning. In this game where every frame is like a wallpaper, it feels like you're immersed in a world created by Hayao Miyazaki. You become the director of this world, exploring Teyvat with your favorite characters. Whether it's the snowy mountains of Mondstadt or the underground mines of Liyue, every adventure is interesting and worthwhile.

Secondly, as a single-player-oriented game, Genshin Impact has limited social features. Therefore, the desire to spend money and put in a lot of effort in the game comes from a genuine love for the characters (or a difficult-to-express sentiment of seeking a sense of belonging in a virtual world), rather than a desire to become stronger or show off to others (at least that's how I see it).

Another aspect is the innovative and casual gameplay. With each update, the game surprises me with new world exploration and adventure mechanics. Elemental reactions, collecting oculi, finding treasure chests, unlocking storylines, exploring new continents... Every time I set foot in Teyvat, it's a new adventure. Whether you prioritize intensity or enjoy the thrill of exploration, you can find gameplay that suits you in Genshin Impact.

Lastly, the values and cultural heritage of Genshin Impact are also important factors that attracted me. Many of the storylines and narratives in the game are thought-provoking, relatable, and have profound endings. The values portrayed throughout the game have earned my heartfelt approval. Genshin Impact treats each character as an ideal adventure companion with their own stories and quests. In addition to the in-game character quests, there are also birthday events and offline collaborations. Furthermore, cultural symbols can be found everywhere in the game, from the details of clothing, decorations, and scenery, to the names of locations and items in the storyline. For example, "Goddess Splitting the View" introduces traditional Chinese culture of "Peking Opera" into the game. Not only did the storyline receive great attention domestically and internationally, but it also allows more people to learn about and understand Chinese culture.

A Good Game is Worth the Effort#

Perhaps, in my opinion, it is these achievements that make Genshin Impact such an outstanding game.

However, as those who have played Genshin Impact know, if you want to view certain in-game status data, you either have to log in to the game or download the miHoYo app on your phone. It's a waste of resources to launch the game just to check, and sometimes it lags. It's also inconvenient to use the phone, as you have to take it out and download the miHoYo app. Who goes to check their phone from time to time when they're developing? It's much more efficient to use a laptop. It was because of these inconveniences, coupled with my recent interest in learning cross-platform frameworks and technologies, that I impulsively spent over a month creating the basic functionality of this "Genshin Helper" tool and open-sourced it on GitHub. (As of January 2023, the original repository has received 180+ stars)

Note: The original repository is genshin-helper. At the end of 2022, I didn't have a Mac computer, so I set up an automatic build for multiple platforms on the GitHub repository using Actions. However, on January 5, 2023, the repository was frozen by GitHub for abusing Actions. Now, the current gs-helper repository serves as the new source code repository for future updates.

This open-source tool, "Genshin Helper," was specifically written for Genshin Impact players who share my enthusiasm. It is based on Electron and React, and it supports features such as wish history analysis, importing and exporting wish data, viewing real-time resin, commissions, weekly bosses, and expeditions, querying detailed game data for oneself and others (chests, oculi, active days, exploration progress, etc.), viewing Spiral Abyss information, viewing character lists and details, built-in miHoYo map and guides, Genshin Impact material calendar, multi-account support with quick switching, and more.


Welcome to Download and Use#

You can find the download link by scrolling down on the GitHub repository homepage. The repository page also provides detailed descriptions of other features and screenshots.

You can also join the Genshin Helper Community Group (Group ID: 176593098) to stay updated on the latest developments or download the latest version from the group files. Feel free to join and have fun together~

The above opinions and introductions are solely my personal views. Thank you for reading.

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